Leif Helge Indrevær

Development Engineer and System Architect



Leif Helge has been working in the embedded system world for around 38 years. His best field of expertise is HW design and low level programming for embedded MPUs/MCUs.


Leif Helge was educated at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTH/NTNU). After military service he then worked for 18 years in the analog mobile telephone industry before entering the fields of digital communication (ISDN). After this he was engaged as project manager for the development of a combined GSM/ICO handset for Nera Satcom.


In 2001 he joined Flextronics and was assigned a position as development manager. In 2007 he returned to basic electronics development as a system architect at Kitron. From 2016, Leif Helge offers his services through his own consultant company Siv.ing Leif Helge Indrevær registered in the Norwegian Trade Register (Brønnøysund), organization no. 976499026.


Leif Helge has acquired a large experience in electronics design and low level software development for embedded systems. Leif Helge also has a broad experience in designing analog and digital electronic systems, schematic capture, pcb layout, simulation and integration. He is valued as a very efficient developer, putting his pride in delivering quality results on time. Every time.


Leif Helge is certified by NSM (Norwegian Security Authority) to work with classified projects up to (and including) NATO Confidential (NC). He also holds a Crypto Qualification Certificate grade II.


Leif Helge is a very social person, has a passion for motorcycling and plays his clarinet in a local orchestra.



Main competencies

·         System understanding

·         HW development, analog and digital

·         µComputer SW development

·         Simulation

·         Power supplies

·         Display systems

·         PCB layout

·         Test systems

·         Electronics production processes




·         Development of a U-ITS (Universal - Intelligent Traffic System) unit including Gigabit Ethernet, PoE IEEE 802.3at (Type 2) Class 4, 5.9GHz Wifi module (x2), Bluetooth, USB interface, SATA interface, 3G modem and GNSS


·         Development of a Ticket Validator for public transportation


·         Development of Military Crypto Equipment working on site with a major Norwegian Enterprise


·         Development of a subsea 3A constant Power Supply capable of delivering 3kW. Based on a frontend PFC (Power Factor Controller) and a synchronous H-bridge/rectifier topology. Controlled over a CAN-bus


·         Development of a Distance Operating System allowing an RWS (Remote Weapon Station) to be operated over optical fiber links from a distant position. Includes control signal transfer to the RWS and aiming data (video) towards the control station


·         Development of a Grenade Launcher and Monitor System for surveillance and individual firing of smoke- and explosive grenades from an RWS (Remote Weapon Station)


·         Development of µController SW for a medical chest unit. Transfer of heart beat and body position over a Bluetooth link


·         HW development of an Interface unit based on a Colibri processor module. Contains Ethernet, USB, LVDS video and NMEA ports for connection of maritime sub units. The customers future platform for collecting and presentation of data from sensors on a ship


·         Development of a Trigger Switch Card, a system allowing two guns with different ballistic characteristics to operate from a common platform with a common aiming system.


·         Development of a Multi Operator Switch allowing the same RWS (Remote Weapon Station) to be operated from two physically separated control stations


·         Assistance for UL approval  of an IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics) system for extraction of DNA samples


·         Improvement of RF based inclination control system for beds


·         Improvement of locking system for public city bikes


·         Development of acceleration sensor unit for PIG (Pipeline Inspection Gauge) including PC application for extraction and presentation of data


·         HW development of scintillator based PIG detector based on radioactive gamma rays for use on subsea pipelines. Includes PC application for use on surface vessel


·         Development of two-way RF based remote control for a car heating system


·         Development of an electronic piezo-based stethoscope


·         HW and SW development of satellite telephone accessories


·         Project manager for development of a combined GSM/ICO handset


·         HW and SW development of ISDN equipment


·         SW development of applications for video conferencing (T120)


·         HW and SW development of cordless telephones (CT1 and CT1+) including definition of the communication protocol. Certification at BZT in Germany


·         Development of HW/SW and an ASIC for a handheld NMT450i mobile telephone


·         Participation in joint development project (NMT handset) with JRC Japan


·         HW and SW development of mobile telephones (NMT). Technical liaison towards approval authorities in Norway and France (TDF)



Employment History

2016 –                   Independent consultant

2007 – 2016         Kitron Development, Creo Development AS and Prevas Development AS

2001 – 2007         Flextronics International Norway AS

1998 – 2001         Nera Satcom AS

1997 – 1998         PFI AS

1996 – 1997         Tandberg Telecom AS

1989 – 1996         Simonsen Digicom AS

1978 – 1989         Simonsen Elektro AS

1977 – 1978         Military Service (Navy)




1972 – 1976         Master of Science in Electronic Engineering (M.Sc.EE) from The                                               Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTH/NTNU)